03 November 2012

Blog URL Change & Simple Table Setting

I woke up this morning to start a new post and found that my blog had disappeared! In it's place was a site for interior design info, cash advance and debt consolidation. To say the least I freaked out! I have been blogging for 3 years now and I thought I had lost everything!
 Thanks to my sweet friend Kate, she hooked me up with an amazingly kindhearted lady and fellow blogger, Kristin, from Simply Klassic Home, who had experienced something similar a while back. She immediately e-mailed me back and told me what to do. Come to find out, someone had stolen my custom domain name, alabasterrosedesigns.com out from under me. Apparently, it must have expired, although Google never contacted me about it expiring and someone grabbed it. So, if you are trying to get to my site, please note that my blog address has reverted back to alabasterrosedesigns.blogspot.com
All I have to say is why in the world would a cash advance place use the name alabasterrosedesigns.com?
I also lost a bunch of my favorite blogs that I had listed on my sidebar, so I will have to go back and add them again.

Moving on...

Vintage & worn china~ I've had these pieces for quite a while and even though I don't use a lot of pink in my decor anymore, I still love them.
I was inspired by Tracey from French Larkspur on the CMH video to create a simple table setting. I know it's not quite suited for fall, but I just used what I had on hand.

Vintage French monogrammed napkins~ These were my Christmas gift last year.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Sorry about your online dilemma! What a drag!!! Your post is lovely, as usual. I will change your domain name on my blogroll. Keep blogging!


  2. Sigh, why would your domain name even expire? I'm confused. Similar thing happened to me last year, woke up one Saturday, my blog was gone. I too freaked out and then tried to find out what happened. My case was google claiming my blog was spam. Hello? Within hours they figured out I was not spam and to this day I do not trust anything online to really be safe.
    I save every image I've ever posted but if they shut your blog down, you can count yourself lucky to get it back.

    Moving on....your post is beautiful and I absolutely adore your dishes, are they limoge?

  3. I HATE that happened to you, friend!

    I wish you the best of luck repeating what you have lost.

    What a horrible feeling that must be - and so easy to have happened? What the heck?

  4. Melinda,
    I came to you by way of email telling you I lost my blogroll and similar problem, i sat and corrected it not to much of an ordeal, and all was well.
    its always troubling when blogs problems arrise.
    If ever a problem again, I am here to help out as well.

    The table setting is divine at anytime of the year :)

    Happy Fall

  5. Melinda I am so glad you got it straightened out!
    Your photos are beautiful! Love your setting!Beautiful dishes!

  6. Oh my that would of been quite a shock. So glad I didnt lose you... Love the table setting.. Maybe on my to do for tomorrow.. Blessings

  7. Dear Melinda,
    I am so delighted to hear that in the end everything worked out! Your photos on today's post are stunning! Beautifully done as always!. Enjoy your weekend and hooray for a renewed domian name!


  8. So glad you got it worked out!I love your pictures and congrats on being published.


  9. That is so strange about your website Melinda. Glad to hear you got your blog back.
    I just love these photos of your delightful table setting! Those videos are very inspiring over at CMH, aren't they? I'm so happy to see you there.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. So sorry about your blog problems. I sure hope it is all worked out now.

    Your table setting is just simply beautiful, Melinda.

  11. That is terrible that happened to you and your blog! I always love to see your beautiful photos. Glad to see you have everything back on track.


  12. Your photos, as always, are wonderful. And isn't Kristin the best of the best. She designed my blog and any time I have a problem with something, she is right there to help!

    Take care. . .

  13. I love when something good comes out of something bad- Like meeting Kristen from simply klassic home. She is such a wonderful person and blogger. Kristen designed my blog at shaggy sheep home.

  14. I feel your PAIN! My blog/layout has been messed up for 3 weeks now! Out of the blue! I can't get it to go back to the original way, it seems to be frozen. Anyway, Your style is stunningly beautiful and I enjoy very much! Roxie

  15. That's scary...so glad you got it figured out:-)

    Beautiful and simple table setting. Don't you like it when you can use things you already have?

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


  16. I didn't know that was possible! Now I'm nervous :O

    Glad you got it back, the tablescape is stunning♥

  17. Looking good Melinda!I love the photo's and is your header new? I have some similar dishes and I don't use them but to pretty to get rid of and I also just love decorating with what I have...not much for changing decor drastically for ever season.

  18. What a shock to find your blog gone! Like losing all your friends at once! I'm glad it's fixed. Love your French table setting - I can just smell the lavender!

  19. I just love your blog and beautiful dreamy pictures.

    Wishing you a lovely evening.

    xoxo Rozmeen

  20. Hey you...man that sucks..glad you got it back! LOVE everything about this hard earned post...you are the QUEEN of details! x0

  21. oh dear ...glad you have it again & can get it all back!
    I was hacked it is so annoying!
    Thanks for the table inspiration tho!so pretty!

  22. That's just downright scary, Melinda! I lost my blog a couple years ago and totally panicked!! I wrote Google and gathered proof that I was the original author of my blog, etc. A whole week passed with no word from them. Then....my blog reappeared. I back up every week now, but the fear of losing it again or it being stolen petrifies me!

    xoxo laurie

  23. Oh my goodness im so glad you were able to find and sort your blog out what a nightmare. You home is looking lovely as always. dee x

  24. WOW! So glad I found you again. I am a big fan of your blog and when I went the other day and it was gone, oh, my. I have continued to click on my link and I always got that OTHER site with YOUR name. (The definition of insanity, don't you know? Keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.) So today, I Googled you!! And here you are!!! Yay!! So sorry for the disappearance of your blog and your resultant angst. So glad you are back up and going! I love your blog and photos. You are amazing!!

  25. That's awful-Didn't even know that could happen! Your table is just gorgeous! I love the soft colors you incorporated!

  26. What a beautiful table, i love every detail and am just a bit envious of your blue chairs! Every photo is gorgeous and i sure am happy that you were able to get your blog back and running! love, t.xooxo

  27. Hi Melinda, that sounds scary !! For a little while ago another blog started to abuse My RSS feed and started to post their posts there. It was very disturbing because then all those who subscribe to my blog only could see and receive posts from this blog and not those from mine. What I did not know is that you must CLAIM your blog in blogspot and protect it. I made ​​a post about it. Luckily, with great help from my husband, I got my RSS feed back, but it taught me how fragile the technical part might be. And if you are not attentive enough you might lose everything you have built up. Sometimes I feel very helpless because I am not that technical at all. I am glad everyhting worked out for you! Thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment today at Jeanne Oliver course. I have been browsing your delightful blog, I think you have a great talentin decorating. Thought for a minut I had ended up in Dramy Whites blog, you have the same taste, design and skills. I am hugely Impressed !

    Friendly ~ Aina

  28. I love the rustic metal table base look. I think it adds such a classy style look. I'm sure it gives the table some good support as well. Did you create that table or buy it somewhere?

  29. So lovely Melinda! Your table setting is beautiful.
    How scary it had to have been to think you had lost it all. Do you know how we can find out if our domain name has expired?
    hugs from here...

  30. Wow! I love every single detail of your home and your photos are GORGEOUS! Love, love, love it all! Hope are you doing well my friend!!!


  31. Darling Melinda, your table setting is stunning!
    I'm so happy to hear that in the end everything worked out!
    Adore your blog and style!

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    Thank you for sharing them.Fire Engine Kids Bed


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