08 December 2012

PhotoBucket & Christmas Card...

If I had the time to get these made, this would be our Christmas card this year. I love how it turned out!


So just as I was ready to throw my hands up and be done with Blogger due to the storage space issue,  the ever sweet Lara from Air Kissed told me there were alternatives in regards to uploading photos. So thanks to her, I was able to find a different way to upload  photos to my blog for free!!
Just did it through my Photobucket account. Yipee!!! So this should tide me over until I change the blog early in the new year. If you need the info, let me know.

The photos above are some I took of my oldest today at the park. Do you all remember rocking back and forth on those little metal animals when you were younger? I loved the colors of this cute little elephant.
I have my first shoot this week of 2 little boys for Christmas and to say I'm a bit nervous is an understatement!!! Wish me luck!

Thanks to everyone for your sweet and helpful comments!!!
Much love!!
Have a great night all!!~

****UPDATE 2****

Hi all,
I've been getting a lot of e-mail's in regards to what you can do once your out of Google storage space.
Thanks to Lara from Air Kissed, you can go to this site and it will recommend 3 different photo hosting sites that you can upload your photos into and save them and then download them to your blog. This way you will not be using Google storage space which is hosted by Picasa. It sounds difficult but believe me it was super easy!!
Here's the website: Blogbulk.com  
I chose Photobucket because I already had an account with them. All you have to do is register and start uploading photos to your new photo hosting site. 
Once you start a new post in Blogger, instead of uploading photos from your computer by clicking "Choose Files", you'll want to upload them by clicking "From URL" instead. 

For the rest of the directions go to Blogbulk .com and it will tell you exactly what to do.
Hope this helps everyone!!


  1. I understand your reluctance, but I've recently found your blog and love it!

  2. I really understand this...you'll make the right decision for you, I'm certain of that.

  3. Yep I just had to make the same decision.
    I decided I would for now even though I hate paying for something that was offered as free and then bam they get you!!!
    If it wasn't so important for my family across country to keep in touch with us this way then I probably wouldn't have kept it going.
    But I sure hope you do. I know you have a lot on your plate right now and don't blog as much so maybe it is right for you to stop but you would be sadly missed!!!

  4. It would be sad for us to have you leave! Is there another option? I'm not real savvy with computer things but it seems like other bloggers switch from blogger to their own website. I have no idea how much this cost and how difficult it is. I believe Rosemary from Villabarnes did this in the last year or so and she is always so sweet at getting right back with any questions.
    I hope we still see your beautiful photos and home! Keep us posted for sure.


  5. Melinda, you can use Photobucket still for the photos and it's free. I did some reading about it. Look up Blog Bulk - Uploading pictures in Blogger. I know I would be very frustrated about it... Wonder when my space is up? I would miss your posts! But, I understand. I hope you will stick around...I love your photos and positive and friendly online presence! You are very talented! Hopefully things will work out for you w/ the photo space thing. Have a good rest of the weekend. Hugs.
    :) Lara

  6. Hey darlin....well heres my 2cents worth....I too was a bit taken a back by that and did not post for a couple of weeks...because I could not decide...but then I thought about how much i enjoy blogging and how little it really was..so I did it....and I have to say I am glad I did... for less than the price of couple of cups of coffee once a month I have my blog back!!!! Keep us posted...xoxoxo

  7. oh I wish I would have known this before :(

  8. Oh yes I will need your help because I am at the same place and did go ahead and pay but would love to know what to do. Di@Cottage-wishes

  9. Wow Melinda...I like this post and I have been experiencing the same issues...so thanks for the free info. And I whole heartedly agree with Lara's comment when she said that "your positive and friendly online presence" would be sorely missed. So don't go anywhere:)

  10. I JUST got told I need to start paying because I have uploaded too many pictures to my blog to keep doing it for free anymore. Thought my hands were tied so I paid the monthly fee. What's your secret?

  11. Hi Melinda~~ I was literally just doing a new post and the SAME THING HAPPENED!!!! I guess I am out of space so I had to cut my post short. How frustrating. I refuse to pay for a service. This is just supposed to be a creative outlet. UGH!!! This is just their way to make money off people.
    I your solution temporary??? DO tell please!!
    xo~ Cheryl

  12. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was about to quit blogging forever. Did I say thank you?!!

  13. Hi Melinda,thank you for the advice i had trouble last year and the only way i got round it was by delating photo's from my first posts i ever wrote which cleared up space for me but i will be making a note of the websites you have just listed so thankyou. Your little card looks wonderful and yes i rememeber those rides i have a photo on my dressing table of Jake and myself sat on one he must have only been about 2 years old at the time. Have a lovely week ahead, and good luck with all your forcoming plans, dee x

  14. Melinda I missed your first post about this.Glad Lara could help you.I was in a similar situation not long ago and thought my only alternative was to buy more space and I did.When I run out of space I will try this out instead.So glad you were able to figure it out I wish I could make the move to wordpress.But it seems very involved unless you have someone help you and and I don't have the funds to pay for it right now either.
    Your photos of your son are amazing!Yes I would use those as Christmas cards!

  15. I hope you can keep blogging; I really enjoy your posts.

  16. Your pics turned out very well; definitely good Christmas card material.
    Thank you for your tips on the photo uploading. I found myself being charged last month, which was something of a surprise!

  17. So glad it worked for you!!!!


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