31 January 2012

Simple Treasures~

Simple things make me happy!!~

{all photos by me~}

Enjoy the simple things in life~and treasure them. Most importantly, family and friends, and the little not so important, but well loved things, that make your house a home!

Have a beautiful day.

~Joining Kathleen at "Faded Charm" for her wonderful "White Wednesday"~

29 January 2012

A Little Glimpse Part II~

Sharing with you today a few random photos~
Hope you enjoy!

This antique Mary was my mother-in-law's. She gave it to me right before she past away, so it is extremely special to us!

A little spot in my kitchen~ I got the yummy vintage towels with my initials "M.R." for Christmas from an Etsy shop in France. It came as a set of 5 and they are huge! I have a collection of these and I just love them.

Enjoy your Sunday!

27 January 2012

A Little Glimpse~

Hello all, I finished unpacking and sprucing up the dining room and thought I'd show you some photos.

I really wanted to change things up in this house, but I always find it hard to deviate from what I've done in the past. Sometimes I wish I had someone that could come in and give things a fresh perspective. That's what I really need!

A quick thank you to my sweet friend Cheryl and her lovely Mom Julie for the wonderful dried hydrangeas. I'm just giving you a peak right now, but wait until you see my antique dough bowl full of these beautiful blooms!

Well, what do you think?
I'm off to take a much needed rest, I'm so dog tired!!
Talk to you all soon, have a great weekend.

26 January 2012

Guest Post~Joanna W/ "Design Shuffle" ~Irresistable Vintage Headboards

Good Morning all. Hope everyone is doing well. Just a quick stop in this morning to introduce Joanna from Design Shuffle. They were kind enough to contact me about guest posting and I thought this was the perfect time!
We moved in this week and I'm in the process of unpacking and putting things in their place. So I'll be back as soon as I get the boxes unpacked and arranged.
Have a great week!!~

Hi, I’m Joanna, a blogger for Design Shuffle, a terrific online source of all things interior design. My job has me searching the internet for the most beautiful decors to share with blog readers like you. Thanks to Alabaster Rose Designs for letting me share some of my favorite vintage headboards. Nostalgic and romantic, the collection of vintage headboards below has us dreaming of the past when décor was soft and comforting. One thread we find running through many of the rooms is the use of repurposed and unexpected materials, such as the fireplace mantel used as a headboard.

Vintage Headboard

A wrought iron canopy, ornate headboard and vintage hats create a romantic feel in this lovely bedroom.

Vintage Headboard

An antique fireplace mantel offers a focal point in this crisp blue and white bedroom design. The shells on the mantel give a coastal touch.

Vintage Headboard

Another antique mantel heads up a bed with vintage linens and throw pillows. The rustic setting gives a truly vintage feel to the room.

Vintage Headboard

This tufted headboard with shelf feels a bit country. The vintage print on the bed linens brings the room together. Does this room inspire any DIY bedroom decorating ideas for you?

Vintage Headboard

An oversized print of vintage laundry looks incredibly realistic. The modern furnishings give the room an eclectic feel.

Vintage Headboard

An ornate wrought iron headboard with rustic finish gives this vintage room a chic touch. Wouldn’t you love to see what the rest of the room looks like?

Vintage Headboard

This elegant bedroom gets its sophistication from the stately mantel headboard and lovely flowing bed skirt.

Vintage Headboard

Tall antiqued shutters tower over a bed with vintage linens and pillows. The robin’s egg blue on the walls creates the perfect backdrop for this lovely bedroom design. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Love all these vintage looks? Then check out Design Shuffle to discover the history of interior design. Here you'll be able to connect with Boston interior designers and more!

15 January 2012

~Moving on~

Hi all, I know its been a while, but, well, you know, life!
Everyone's been sick with pneumonia and bronchitis here at home for the past few weeks. Has this hit your home yet? I think we're finally in the home stretch now, so yippee!!
Also here on the home front, we're moving! Yep, that's right, we're finally moving into a bit bigger place with lot's more windows! Thank goodness, now I won't feel like I'm living in a basement with no light. I have 3 windows in my entire place right now, so it is a bit dark, all of the time. 
Anyway, the new place is wonderful. Since I've been sick, I just started packing yesterday and we now have 7 days until the move, so I am now in panic mode! And I'm out of tape and packing paper, so I need to make a run to Uhaul for more supplies. The one good thing though is we're hiring mover's this time, so my husband and I won't break our backs moving our heavy vintage furniture up and down the stairs. Boy, they made good ole' solid furniture back in the day didn't they?!!

As much as I hate the moving process, packing, unpacking, lifting, boxes piled to the ceiling, I do LOVE decorating the new place!! It's a blank canvas ready for endless possibilities. I can't wait to try some different decorating ideas and would adore anything like the beautiful rooms below~

{All photos from "De'cor de Provence"}

Yummy inspiration right?
Hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll be back once I'm all settled into the new place.