28 March 2012

Vintage Grain Sack Pillow W/ Ticking & More Flowers~

Hi all, hope your having a great week!!
I had to take a few more photos before my blooms fade away, so sorry if I'm going a bit overboard.
I'm getting so anxious for my B-Day in 2 months, that's when I get my new DSLR camera!! I have gotten some great advice from a couple of ladies I really admire about photography, so it has made me all the more eager to learn everything I can about it!! My class starts in June and I'm super excited for that too. It's funny that as a kid I hated school, but now that I'm an adult, I can't wait! Hopefully some of my excitement will rub off on my oldest son when he sees me going to college. He's not too crazy about school right now. 
I'll keep my finger's crossed! :)

I made the pillow above a few months ago out of vintage German grain sack linen, but I just added the ticking fabric to the inside of it a few days ago to give it a little more color and to hide the insert. I love how it turned out.

Yes, I know, I had to add the flowers again. But you know how I love them! :)

I love the colors in this ticking, so pretty!

I changed my boys room around yesterday, so here are a couple of shot's of that.

I adore this little vintage school chair. I actually painted it a few years back this denim blue color. I love how some of the paint has worn away showing the original wood.
Flowers again!~ :)

Hope you all have a beautiful day!!

27 March 2012

Hydrangeas & Stock~ **SIGH**

If you follow my blog, than you know that I am a sucker for Trader Joe's flowers. Well, yesterday when I went in, they finally had gorgeous white hydrangeas and of course my favorite white stock.
So of course I had to take about a million photos.
So here goes~

The shutter in the background is the one I picked up at "A Beautiful Mess" Antiques.

This is a little area in my bedroom. I finally changed it out this morning and I'm loving the way it looks.

The white linen lavender sachets are from the sweet and generous "Maria" from when I won her wonderful giveaway at Christmas time.

As you can see, one of my vintage windowpanes broke on the bottom. And no, it wasn't done by one of my kiddos, it was me! I was playing with my son and threw a toy up in the air and it hit the window. I know, you shouldn't throw toys in the house! I should have listened to my own advice. :)

Hope you all have a lovely week!!~

24 March 2012

A Store, A Chair, & Other Random Things~

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes for my little one, we all had a wonderful day!!~

Last week, I was fortunate enough to finally visit "A Beautiful Mess" Antiques in Agoura Hills, California, and let me tell you this store is fabulous. Owner and Interior Designer, Kymberley Fraser has a true eye and talent for buying and display, everything was gorgeous!!~ I purchased a couple of things such as this beautiful gray and white transferware pitcher and a vintage chippy shutter, which I'll show you in another post. If you live in So Cal and haven't been to "A Beautiful Mess", you have to go, it's definitely a must see!!

I got this beautiful slip covered chair and vintage basket from the loveliest lady. She was having a garage sell and posted it up on Facebook and when I saw the photo of the chair and basket I knew I had to have them. She was kind enough to hold them for me so I could come and pick them up a few days later. It looks just perfect in my living room!!~
Thank you so much!!~

I'm feeling that I really need to change things in my dining room. Something doesn't look right to me. For one, I think my girl's need to find a new home. Maybe once I paint the walls in here, it will look better.
Any suggestions?

I'm hosting a family dinner at my house tomorrow, so I'm off to clean.
At least I finally got my kitchen painted, now I need to start on the cabinets, I'm still thinking I should find someone to do it for me though, it seems like a lot of work!
Have a lovely day.

23 March 2012

4 Years ago Today~

Do you know what a joy you are to me? Your laugh, your spirit, your hugs and kisses~ make my life a million times sweeter!!~
I love you my darling boy~ Happy 4th Birthday!!
I pray that your life will be touched in the same way that you have touched mine!!

Love you!!~
Mom, Dad, & Bubba

17 March 2012

For Sale~

Hi all, yes, I'm back but just for the day. I'm cleaning out my house and selling the things I don't use any longer which includes more of my Shabby Chic items from Rachel Ashwell's original stores. Most of my items are about 7 year's old but in really good shape. I didn't use them for that long.

Let me know if your interested. The sale will go through tomorrow and then they are off to my booth.
Thanks all!!

 "Wildflower" linen decorative pillow with double ruffle and button closure. 
Down and feather insert.
This is from her original store.
20 x20
+10.00 S/H
 "Old Blush" print by artist Christie Repasy.
I purchased this from the Rachel Ashwell store and it still has the original tag on it from the store.

This print was designed to look like a painting, it is really quite beautiful.
The frame is made from vintage wood with the original finish.
Measures 15 x 20.
The original price was $248.00.
+$18.00 S/H

 Original tag.

Have a lovely day!!~

15 March 2012

Break Time~

I lightened things up in the living room this morning. Yesterday, I started painting the kitchen and the cabinets, but ended up giving up, way too big a job for just me. So I think we'll try and find a painter to do it. I did end up painting the bathroom and a vintage cabinet for the bathroom. I can't believe I did all of that because I am so super tired. I just don't have any energy lately.

I'm thinking of taking a little break from the computer. It may be a week or two, or just a few days. It just depends on if I have the urge to post something else.
Sometimes I have a love/hate relationship with my computer, and over the last few days, it has been one of severe dislike!!~

So I'll talk with you all soon.
Please take care and have a beautiful weekend.

12 March 2012

Can I Vent A Little?~

I'm going to be venting a little here, so if you don't wish to hear it~just skip the text.

I had a bad Friday that all started with a spam e-mail that I was dumb enough to open. Yes, it was my fault, sometimes I'm a bit too trusting!! It ended up causing a huge headache for me and my computer. E-mail's changed, passwords changed, call's to all of my internet accounts and one long virus removal session from the Geek Squad. Thank God for that membership!!~
Also, lately I having been reading some horribly rude comments on other blogs that people have been writing and I have to say it has really left a sour taste in my mouth and makes me wonder why I even deal with being on the computer at all.
Why do some people feel the need to be so hateful, writing hurtful things and causing so much turmoil when most of us have enough to deal with in our lives already? No one knows what each of us has to deal with outside of our blogs except for our close family and our super close friends, so don't add anymore hate to someone else's life, PLEASE!!~ 
Now, believe me when I say that I am not directing this plea to anyone here that visit's my blog. I have been so fortunate not to have anyone leave a harsh or hurtful comment here, Facebook yes, but luckily not here.
As much as I want to quit this whole internet thing at times, I just can't give up.
 A few of my dreams are tied right here to this dear blog, and if I left, not only would I chance not having some of those dreams come true, but I would also miss the wonderfully kind and amazing friends that I have made over the past few years because of this blog.
So for now, I will continue on here until it's time to move on.

You know what I am thankful for? All of you who stop by with your beautiful comments and offers of friendship everyday! That's the biggest reason I continue to stay, so Thank you!!~
Oh, and I hope you enjoyed the photos. The stock I bought last week is about done, so I had to get a few more photos in before they meet the big trash bag in the sky.

 Have a great night.

P.S~ I just created my own button finally, so if you like it, the code is on the top right corner of my blog.

09 March 2012

The Beauty of a Flower~

Happy Friday my friends~
What is it about a flower that adds such beauty and softness to a picture? Personally, I really don't like taking photos of my home unless I have fresh flowers. Not that I don't post photos of my home without flowers, but when I do, the picture never feels quite complete, it never satisfies me when I look at it.
So when I do bring flowers home, I'm always eager to photograph them as soon as I walk through the door.
One of my favorites lately has been "Stock". Their intoxicating scent and dozens of  ruffly soft petals, gets me every time.

Can't you just smell them?

Wishing you all a lovely weekend~