27 September 2012

Just Testing...

Just testing my new camera and trying to apply what I've learned so far. Boy, do I have a long way to go! :)
Hope your all doing well!

21 September 2012

Antique Hydrangeas & Time Away

Hi everyone. 
I feel like it has been so long since my last post.
 Between homeschooling my son, working and photography school, the time has gone by so very fast. 
My mom has also been here over the last couple of days which has been so nice. We took my boys whale watching today and had a great time. This was their first time out in the middle of the ocean on a boat which is a bit of a shock being that we only live like 15 minutes from the beach. Note to self, more beach outings!! :) 
Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and show you these gorgeous hydrangeas I picked up from our new Whole Foods the other day. They are called Antique Hydrangeas and the heads on these beauties are huge! Their colors are actually on the darker side but I softened them up in PSE.

I also wanted to tell you all that I will probably be away from my blog for awhile. My creative focus is on my photography right now and getting ready for my first photo projects that are due soon. I am having such an amazing time with it!!

So until next time, take care and thank you all for your continued visits and support!

08 September 2012

Français Rose Livres~1829

I have been on the hunt for almost a year for these fabulous books, finally I was successful and found 6 of these gorgeous pink antique French books dated 1829.

I'm not a big "pink" lover, but these lovelies certainly make me a fan of their soft petal colored paper covers.
Thank you to Simone of "Fleaing France" for selling me these beauties!!~

Happy Saturday~

07 September 2012


 Happy Friday all~ I know I'm a bit late with the post but we started home school today and boy do I give you ladies that home school props!! I am feeling completely lost!

We were suppose to get our text books on Wednesday, but for some reason the new students couldn't pick up theirs until today, which gave me no time to plan the lessons, so basically I just had to wing it.
In the back of my mind for the past few days I have praying that I am not making the biggest mistake for my son. Have I mentioned that I am not that great at math? So, I am scared, to say the least, of ruining his 3rd grade year. A little dramatic maybe, but I am.

 In between preparing to teach my son, I have been working.
That's all I'm going to say, "I have been working". 

And I have been  studying and reading and learning like crazy in my photography course,
and I am truly loving every minute of it!

I still can't believe it's September. It feels like July here, hot, which I'm sure it does in other parts of the country as well. 
So what do you do to get ready for Fall when it feels like the middle of Summer?
I've just been trying to warm things up a bit around here in regards to color, not much else since life has been so busy.

I also wanted to say welcome to all of my new followers and also thanks to the oldies but goodies who still visit me, I appreciate you all so much!!~

Have a beautiful weekend all.

03 September 2012


 The winner of my Fall giveaway is Amy from "The Hay House". 
Congratulation's Amy, please email me with all of your info at:


Thanks to everyone who entered and have a wonderful Labor day!!