27 October 2012

Published...Thank you!!~

I'm so excited to be apart of the Winter 2013 "Artful Blogging" publication!!
Thank you so much Jennifer Jackson Taylor and to Stampington & Company!

This is a wonderful publication full of talented blogger's and artist's and I feel extremely blessed to be included!~
The new issue will be available on Nov. 1st~
Hope you all have a great weekend everyone!

23 October 2012

Vintage Gal II

I know, I'm a little obsessed with photographing my girls lately. But I'm having fun editing them to look like antique photographs.

The gorgeous ribbon is some that I purchased from Jeanne Oliver's collection a couple of years ago. It's vintage French velvet ribbon and so yummy.
The glass glitter crown I've had for a while, I got it from Shabby Chic about 7 years ago.

How about you... What's your favorite things to collect and photograph? I would love to know!!
Hope you have a lovely night.

18 October 2012

The Perfect Model

I'm sure you all know by now how much I love vintage dress forms. 
This one is by far my favorite. She is from the Foremost Model Co. NY, dated 1948.
She's a bit worn and stained, but that makes me love her all the more.

I've been having some trouble with focus issues lately. I wanted to practice on my boys today, but my older one was at a friend's house and my little one can't be still for very long, so my #1 gal became my model. A least she doesn't wiggle and make the photos blurrier then they already are. :)

How's everyone doing lately? I hope your all having a beautiful Fall week. After a heat wave the last few days here, our temps are suppose to drop, yea!!

Have a great Friday all and a wonderful weekend.

15 October 2012

My Sons: My Loves

Just having fun putting my name on my photos to see what it will look like when I'm good enough to go pro. :)

Do you notice the small blister on my little one's mouth? He thought it would be a good idea to test out a light bulb with his lip! What is it with boys? :)

Not the best photos in regards to sharpness, but I absolutely love them because they are photos of my little loves!!

Hope you all have a great night.

******THANK YOU ALL for your amazing kindness and encouragement on my last few posts in regards to my photos!!! It really has made me want to continue to push on with my photography and not give up, even when I get frustrated! So a BIG THANK YOU to everyone!!

13 October 2012

Living & Dining Room & Lot's of Photos

(I really like how this one turned out with the light catching the chandelier crystals above the dress form)

Hi all, I hope your having a wonderful weekend. I spent the day re-arranging my living and dining room areas. I finished just in time to take some photos and try out some different settings on my camera.

FYI: Photo overload!! I don't think I've ever posted this many photos in one post. I hope you all enjoy!

(a little Halloween fun~)

Have a lovely Sunday all!!~

07 October 2012

Falling for Fall

I went shopping at Trader Joe's yesterday and picked up some wonderful things to add a bit of Fall to the house:
fresh pears, autumn flowers, and of course pumpkins in orange and white~

Don't you just love Fall & Trader Joe's?!!~
Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

04 October 2012

Fall Inspiration

Good morning friends!
I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for the amazing and wonderful comments that you left me in my last post!! I was completely overwhelmed by your kindness!!
It was hard for me to put myself out there and you all made it so worth it!!
Thank you!!

I'm finally beginning to get into the Fall mood. There is  some fabulous Fall inspiration out there on the interenet and I just thought I'd share a few of my favorite photos.

 {via Pinterest}

 {via Pinterest}

 {via Pinterest}

I love this photo from Janet Coon of Shabbyfufu, she is such a talented photographer!!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!!

02 October 2012

Just Me...

Yes they're a bit blurry and imperfect, just like me.
I never thought I would post photos of myself on my blog or anywhere else for that matter, but I have gotten to a place in my life where I am finally happy with~ me.

And I'm trying to practice, practice, practice!!
Today it was self-portraits.
Does it actually get worse before it gets better? Photography I mean.
Because I am having some sever issues with focus! But I'm still learning and on a new camera.
And I'm trying to do everything manual, no auto settings yet. That's what I'm being taught, or trying to teach myself:)

Hope you all have a great week!!