26 December 2012

After the Day

Hello all, I hope you had a  joyous Christmas!!
We had such a wonderful Christmas, even though my kiddos were sick, it was definitely one of the greatest. My 8 year old actually told me this was his best Christmas ever! Wow, did that make Santa feel good :0)

 I just wanted to share a few photos from around the house. On Christmas Eve, I stopped by Trader Joe's to pick up some snacks for our family night and of course I couldn't leave without some gorgeous flowers.

I got a new lens from hubby, the nifty-fifty, so I've been having fun taking photos with it.

Yesterday, hubby picked up our traditional Christmas tamales and we spent the day lounging around in our jammies watching our new movies that Santa brought us.

It was definitely a perfect Christmas filled with joy and love!

I hope you all have a wonderful night!!

18 December 2012

Early Gifts & Houzz

I got an early Christmas present from my hubby yesterday, a wonderful vintage watering can from Atelier de Campagne.

They have the most beautiful things, but I had to hold back a bit and only choose 2 things. Let me tell you, it was not easy!! :)
I was finally able to meet Trino and Martin, and they are just the sweetest. Thank you both for being so gracious to me and my family!!

I added some white tulips and Chinese Mums in white to tie in with my Christmas decor.

This is the 2nd thing I chose, a wonderful French mushroom basket to hold all of my vintage linens.

I had my first shoot last Monday and it actually went pretty well. I had been so nervous a few days before, but once we got started with the photos, I felt more relaxed and we all had a wonderful time. It was great practice for me!
I also wanted to tell you that I am a contributor for Houzz Guest Picks every month, so if you'd like to follow me, just click here: Alabaster Rose Designs Houzz Ideabook.

Hope you all have a lovely week.

15 December 2012

Vintage Pastilles Tin

This is the little French Pastilles tin that got away. I had seen this quite a while ago on Dreamy Whites and really wanted to purchase it, but unfortunately it sold before I could buy it. I loved how it looked with the red and white butcher's twine. The way Maria creates her vignettes for her photos is so lovely.

But then a couple of weeks ago, I found one from a French vendor on Etsy and was so excited.

I love the blue and white advertising on the tin mixed with the red and white twine. Perfect for a cute little vignette.

I  just want to say that my heart aches for those who lost a loved one in yesterday's horrible tragedy!!
I pray for them all!!


13 December 2012

Jeanne Oliver Designs Winter 2012

Have you all seen Jeanne Oliver's beautiful **New Winter 2012** designs? I'm sure you have, but if not, please stop by and take a look at her Winter 2012 Lookbook.

{Definitely wanting this fabulous camera bag for Christmas!!}

Gorgeous new hand bags made from vintage fabric's and fabulous vintage items from her recent trip to  France.
She's also gifting an incredible giveaway of $850.00 worth of her products  to one lucky person.

So make sure you stop by Jeanne's Blog to enter!!

Have a beautiful day!!

08 December 2012

PhotoBucket & Christmas Card...

If I had the time to get these made, this would be our Christmas card this year. I love how it turned out!


So just as I was ready to throw my hands up and be done with Blogger due to the storage space issue,  the ever sweet Lara from Air Kissed told me there were alternatives in regards to uploading photos. So thanks to her, I was able to find a different way to upload  photos to my blog for free!!
Just did it through my Photobucket account. Yipee!!! So this should tide me over until I change the blog early in the new year. If you need the info, let me know.

The photos above are some I took of my oldest today at the park. Do you all remember rocking back and forth on those little metal animals when you were younger? I loved the colors of this cute little elephant.
I have my first shoot this week of 2 little boys for Christmas and to say I'm a bit nervous is an understatement!!! Wish me luck!

Thanks to everyone for your sweet and helpful comments!!!
Much love!!
Have a great night all!!~

****UPDATE 2****

Hi all,
I've been getting a lot of e-mail's in regards to what you can do once your out of Google storage space.
Thanks to Lara from Air Kissed, you can go to this site and it will recommend 3 different photo hosting sites that you can upload your photos into and save them and then download them to your blog. This way you will not be using Google storage space which is hosted by Picasa. It sounds difficult but believe me it was super easy!!
Here's the website: Blogbulk.com  
I chose Photobucket because I already had an account with them. All you have to do is register and start uploading photos to your new photo hosting site. 
Once you start a new post in Blogger, instead of uploading photos from your computer by clicking "Choose Files", you'll want to upload them by clicking "From URL" instead. 

For the rest of the directions go to Blogbulk .com and it will tell you exactly what to do.
Hope this helps everyone!!

01 December 2012

December 1st & Cedar Wreaths

Happy December 1st all. I can't believe we're in December already and just 24 days left until the big day!
I have been so busy lately with work, homeschooling and my new project for Houzz, that my blog has been left behind a bit. 
I'm going to be changing the blog at the beginning of the year and also opening my website hopefully by Feb. So I can't wait for all of the new and exciting changes to come.

I stopped by Trader Joe's this morning and picked up some cedar garland to make some wreaths with. It was only $6.99 and I was able to make 1 large wreath and 3 small. I scattered them around the house for some added Christmas cheer.

I added my rosemary tree to my vintage lavabo in my bedroom.

And although this has nothing to do with Christmas, I had to show you this beautiful vintage ribbon my friend gave me. Not sure whether I will use it or just display it as is.

Well, I hope you all have a lovely weekend and thank you all for your continued visits and for your kind comments, I sincerely appreciate all of you!!