19 October 2013

Decorating with Peppercorns & Vintage Bottles

I didn't do a lot of decorating for fall, just added some dried flowers 
and mini white pumpkins here and there. 
I love adding dried flowers to vintage containers and bottles. 
I love the simplicity and beauty of these mini arrangements.
We have tons of California Pepper trees around our home. 
These are some I found just lying around after the Santa Ana winds 
had knocked down tons of branches. 
The ones blooming in the trees right now are red in color, 
but I loved how these have turned a burnt orange, perfect for fall.
What's your favorite thing to decorate with in the fall?

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!!


  1. Lové the peacefulness of a pepper tree, their weepy ness it the breeze and the beauty of the aged bark.
    We too have them around us as well here, I love pepper trees our neighbors yard is filled with them we are olive trees here.

    Melinda, I love the simple beauty of an old bottle filled with anything, in your case the pepper corn branch looks perfectly Fall.

    See you soon in you peacefulness.


  2. Pretty gorgeous photos! I love the simplicity, and love natural elements too. Delicious colors.

  3. Oh, how I wish pepper trees grew around here. I love their berries. Lovely inside a simple bottle:-)


  4. I love using simple, natural elements to decorate with, also. Love your sweet little peppercorns! :)

  5. Love your glass and peppercorns! We decorate with fallen pine cones, there are a lot of fir trees and I love collecting the fallen branches and wrapping string around them to use in decorating and vignettes.

    Happy Sunday to you, Melinda. xo Rhonda

  6. Lovely as always! I learn something new everyday...didn't know about the peppercorn trees! Beautiful!!

    Pamela xo

  7. Such pretty berries and I love the glass containers Mel. The vintage container so pretty. Enjoy your Monday!

  8. Ooh...love the peppercorns! The burnt orange is perfect! I decorate for fall with pinecones, white and orange pumpkins, woodland handmade ornaments and whatever flowers I have left! Have a great week Melinda! xoxo Jen

  9. I love peppercorns. Where do you live that they grow by you? Do they grow everywhere?

  10. Hi dearest Melinda!

    How are you feeling? Hope you and your boys are doing better. I love your new page and name! I've updated my blogroll for your new URL! Love all your inspiration too!!!

    It's been awhile since I've posted...but I finally did so! Hope it won't take as long to repost. Anyhow, wishing you a splendid day my friend!


  11. Love the beauty and simplicity....<3


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